Tony Mtz

Hello!. I'm a div float technician. I'm currently a Front-end engineer at @wearehims and @wearehers. I also create video-games and more stuff...

Software Developer

I worked on companies like @toptal, @joinhomebase, @nearsoft and @switchfly.

This is my LinkedIn.

Coffee Brewer

I love coffee. I'm co-owner of El Culto al Perro Café. A coffee-joint located in Hermosillo, Mx.

Visit site.

Video games

I create multi-platform interactive experiences as GatoMocho Games.


A few blog posts I've written. Mostly tech stuff.

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I run two podcast about video-games: El Hongo Verde & Histeria de Videojuegos.

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I'm a music fan, I like to play some instruments. I publish music as Gatonejo.


I stream gameplay of old games as well didactic content as PozoleTV.


Some random drawings. @pintatesta and @gatomonero are my accounts.

Other creations

Apps or services I maintain.

More links

If you want to contact me, drop me a DM on Twitter 😄